the proces from tree to bottle takes no more than 5 days

production process

Is not only beautiful from the outside but also from the inside.
We like to explain you how we create this great juice.

Harvested and freshly squeezed

All juices are freshly squeezed where the fruits are harvested. No concentrate but an all natural juice.

Handpicked selected

After our fruits being carefully selected and picked, the process from tree to can takes no more than 5 days, so all the flavours are still in the prime of it’s life.

Keep it all natural

We keep Iam Super Juice as close to mother nature as possible. No hidden E-numbers that make the juice artificial.

Bottling process

During the process of bottling, no preservatives have been used. We heat the juice in the cans. We do guarantee a shelf life of 24 months due to our special pasteurize process.

lychee, it's quite unique
The fruit has been cultivated for more than 4,000 years in China, it's soft and pulpy.
More about lychee health benefits


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